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Biology of Story =
1278 distinct media items, including
113 interview subjects, woven through
66 “principles” by which story works with us
52 “practices” by which we work with story
11 mini-documentaries exploring focused themes
6 indexes
3 years of work
1 interactive documentary
…Viewable in an infinite number of ways

Of course, numbers never tell the whole story. In fact, numbers seldom tell a story at all. Rather, we tell a story about the numbers.

The first story about these numbers is the story of a lot of hard work by a wonderful team of people. I’m very proud that just in a few days we’ll be sharing with you the results (so far) of their work.

Next is the story of a unique, web-based creation: a combination of artpiece, documentary, research tool and educational resource, innovating the digital possibilities of moving image form and content.

But most of all the story we want to tell about these numbers is about taking a step back from Story.

When you take a step back from something you can see it more clearly. We spend most of our time wrapped up in stories. Wrapped up in Story.

Our means for producing and sharing stories are proliferating exponentially. The impact of our narratives on our lives, our societies, and the life of the planet has never been greater.

We pay a lot of lip service to story. But maybe we need to not take it quite so much for granted.

Biology of Story invites us to begin to discern with a new clarity the patterns and purposes, the principles and practices, that define Story.

It accomplishes this not by telling a singular story, but by offering each user the opportunity to explore a multiplicity of viewpoints in their own way, discovering the living pattern that connects them.

The pattern of story.


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Some pretty big waves have rolled through my life since September, 2012, when I was last blogging here.

One of those waves is a huge piece of work known as Biology Of Story, a massive interactive documentary I’ve been making with the folks at Helios Design Labs, a talented group of students and recent grads, with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

I’m now maintaining a blog within Biology of Story;  I will probably do some cross-postings, if I can find the groove. Meanwhile, it’s a few days before Biology of Story goes live, so I’m going to be posting here in the leadup!

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